Transportation & Logistics

Large Company Owned Fleet

We service our customers with a large, diverse fleet of material handling and transportation equipment, including:


  • Roll-off trucks
  • Load-luggers
  • Straight trucks
  • Semi-tractors
  • Closed vans
  • Box trucks


  • Flatbed
  • Van
  • Pup
  • Dump
  • High and low sided
  • Drop-deck
  • Open-top


Customized Equipment for Special Applications

Our full-service engineering and fabrication departments facilitate quick delivery of specialized equipment:

  • Roll-off boxes to accommodate specific volume and space needs
  • In-plant hoppers with overhead crane lift capabilities
  • Open-top, Flatbed, Van, and Drop-deck Trailers
  • Sealed containment and flow-control systems for fluid recovery
  • Theft prevention systems

Our ability to design and build customized equipment to handle every application will increase efficiency, improve productivity, and generate greater revenue.



Cohen operates over 20 locations in 4 states to assist with your inbound and outbound material management needs.