Cohen provides a full range of processing capabilities – we can service any size manufacturer or job, and handle every type of ferrous or non-ferrous scrap you generate. Material goes directly from plant to our facilities to mill – eliminating the need for outsourcing and adding further value to your bottom line.

Cohen is one of a select few scrap processors who provides safe and environmentally secure on-site processing. Rather than transporting your scrap offsite, we can bring shears, balers, torch crews, and other equipment to you, transforming your scrap into mill-ready products onsite. This reduces transportation costs and increases value for your company.

Our full range of capabilities includes:


Baling – With a number of large sheet metal balers located throughout our system, Cohen can produce bales for both integrated and mini-mill furnaces.

Shearing – Designed to handle a wide variety of raw material, such as Plate and Structural scrap as well as unprepared heavy melt & foundry steel, our largest shear has a 1200-ton shearing capacity. Cohen also offers many crane-mounted shears for work in our yard or special projects in the field.

Auto Shredding – Our 3,000 HP automobile shredder system is complete with a state-of-the-art down stream segregations system. This versatile shredder is also capable of processing various grades of sheet metal and light iron.

Mobile Processing

  • Mobile Crane – Available for plant cleanups, demolitions, and onsite scrap preparation and loading, our smaller hydraulic scrap handlers and crane-mounted shears can be deployed into the field for single projects or an extended stay. Equipped with either a magnet or grapple.
  • Mobile Baling – Ideal for baling ferrous or nonferrous scrap at remote sites, our diesel-powered baler goes where the sheet metal is – reducing your freight costs. This unit has a self-contained grapple crane or can be fed with a mobile crane.


Processing – Sorting, baling, shearing, shredding, and torching are all ways to process non-ferrous scrap. The commodity and form determines which method is used. Our state-of-the-art HRB balers give Cohen the ability to process bulky, oversized scrap into compact bales. Down stroke and upstroke balers, shears, wire strippers and sorting tables allow us to make finished packages, which are marketed to mills and smelters around the world. We own sophisticated testing equipment to ensure the quality and chemistry of the metals we buy, sell, and/or ship.

Retail – At Cohen, we pride ourselves on servicing the community's scrap metal recycling needs. Find a retail recycling center near you »

Wholesale/Dealer Trade – Our financial strength coupled with the large tonnages we handle allow us to purchase dealer and wholesale scrap at competitive pricing.
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