Only a certified recycler can protect your data and the environment.

Becoming certified has been a more than three-year commitment for us, including multiple on-site and downstream audits. It’s also a signficant financial investment. And we see it as just that—an investment.

That means you can be confident that we do everything possible to protect your privacy and preserve our environment.

Recycling right is more important than ever. We have a crisis.

Electronic waste is expected to more than double to 93.5 million tons by 2016. Obsolete cell phones, tablets, and computers contain toxic materials—not to mention private information. So, they need to be disposed of properly, by a certified recycler.

Right now, it is estimated that only 30% of e-waste is recycled.

We make it easy to upgrade your electronics without downgrading the environment or compromising your privacy. Find a location to recycle cell phones, computers, and other electronic waste.