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Cincinnati Electronics Recycling

Why should we recycle electronics?

Nearly everyone owns electronics. When upgrading to a new cell phone or computer you’ve probably wondered what to do with your old one. Every year, nearly 50 million metric tons of electronics are destined for disposal.* This doesn’t have to happen. Nearly every electronic and its parts – including glass, metals, and plastics – can be recycled and reused.

This improper disposal of electronics, as well as illegal dumping, illegal exporting, and unsafe rural smelting overseas, severely impacts both the environment and human health. These products can contain lead, cadmium, mercury, and other hazardous wastes, and 80% of this material ends up in landfills. Those dangerous elements can then pollute the air, contaminate soil, and leach into water supplies. Effects on health to those exposed range from kidney disease to brain damage to genetic mutations.

Much like recycling paper reduces the demand for newly cut-down trees, recycling the materials found in electronics reduces the need to mine more of these resources from the earth. Supplies of metal ores and minerals are not infinite, and the mining process is notoriously damaging to the environment. So by recycling, not only are you keeping valuable material out of landfills, where it will degrade but never fully decompose, you are also contributing to the supply chain for the manufacturing of new products.

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Responsible electronics disposal for businesses

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The environment is not the only thing exposed to risk when electronics are put out of service. Most modern devices used in business settings present a variety of privacy, security, and intellectual property concerns. As businesses and organizations turn over or upgrade their IT equipment, they could be exposing themselves, their brands, and their clients to data security breaches.

In 2017, after about eight years of recycling electronics, Cohen officially launched Cobalt: a subsidiary entirely focused on IT asset management and disposition, and committed to doing it the right way. Cobalt works with businesses to find rewards in retirement for their no-longer-needed IT equipment through a variety of programs and services:

  • On-site data destruction: your hard drives and other data-bearing devices are physically destroyed right in front of you, never leaving your property
  • Refurbishment and remarketing for devices with resale value
  • Rebate programs that help you generate more return on your IT investments
  • Thoroughly documented processes and unparalleled transparency to give you peace of mind
  • Complete data security backed by third-party audited certifications, including R2 and RIOS
  • Traditional scrap recycling for those items unsuited to refurbishment and resale

Visit TrustCobalt.com to learn more about electronics disposal for businesses.

The right way to recycle for all the right reasons

Focused on sustainability, health and safety, environmental impact, and data security, Cohen’s comprehensive electronics recycling solutions enable you to rest assured your electronics won’t end up in a landfill, and your private data won’t end up in the wrong hands.

Our strict downstream auditing process ensures all materials are handled properly and our EPA-endorsed Responsible Recycling (R2) certification guarantees your electronics are recycled in a safe, effective manner at over 20 Recycling Centers in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

Consumers, corporations, and municipalities choose Cohen because we are:

  • The largest family-owned recycler in the North America, recycling 1.25 million tons/year.
  • Experienced recycling experts, in business since 1924.
  • Focused on quality and service.
  • Environmentally responsible, one the first U.S. companies with the Responsible Recycling (R2) certification.
  • Trusted and secure, making sure your data is 100% completely unrecoverable.