We're certified, so you're protected.

Holding multiple certifications enables us to address any concern a business or consumer may have—environmental impact, data security and destruction, or health and safety. Responsibly recycling or refurbishing computers and other electronics is our top priority.

Multiple certifications mean better checks and balances.

We could have gone the easy route and earned one certification. Instead, we have created several layers of checks and balances to ensure health, safety, and security. And, we’ve made a tangible investment in our commitment to sustainability.

IT asset management and electronics recycling are done safely and securely, from collection to final disposition.

We take 100% responsibility for everything we recycle or refurbish for reuse. And we work hard to ensure that all of our audited partners follow the same strict guidelines.

We submit to ongoing audits to ensure we’re doing it right.

Certifications are granted only after passing stringent third party audits. Anyone can pass a test once. We operate the right way, everyday.

To maintain our certifications, we must:

  • Go through annual surveillance audits by third parties
  • Conduct monthly internal audits according to our certification calendar to ensure that we’re in compliance
  • Invest significant financial and human resources

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