About Us

    The Mindlin Recycling company was founded in 1907 by Samuel Mindlin. Sam, as he was known around Franklin, Ohio, would traverse all over the town to collect any reusable metal, fur, and rags. At the time, he owned and operated the company out of a small yard he owned on Tibbals St. Sam nurtured his contacts and continued to expand the company, until 1945 when his son, Sandee, joined him in the business. The two moved the company to its current location in 1953, which is now known as Riley Boulevard.
    In 1963, Sandee passed away and left the company to his son, Pacey, who now runs the recycling operation to this day. The Mindlin Recycling Company has seen many changes over the years and has come a long way from the mule and horse of 1907, but they have always stayed true to the vision their fathers set. Since 1907, Mindlin has expanded exponentially and is now a complete recycling operation - taking in newspaper, cardboard, sheet iron, heavy iron, aluminum cans, copper, brass and now E-scrap. Feel free to stop in and see us!


#1 Copper

$1.60 per lb.


$.75 per lb.

#2 Copper

$1.40 per lb.

Aluminum Cans

$.35 per lb.

Aluminum siding

$.30 per lb.


$.02 per lb.


$.15 per lb.


$.018 per lb.

dumpster service

$ask for pr per lb.

E Scrap Laptops

$.25 per lb.


$.02 per lb.


$.015 per lb.

yellow brass

$1.15 per lb.

*Pricing subject to change
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